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L.T. Marine

L.T. Marine Tuna Tomahawk Endgame Tool


The Tuna Tomahawk is designed to quickly dispatch tuna or other large species once aboard. Reduce potential boat or bodily damage from a thrashing fish by swiftly striking them between the eyes. It instantly and permanently stops all voluntary/involuntary movement of the fish.  This tool can also be used to drag a carcass across the deck, and is rigid enough to chip ice in your yeti cooler, xactics box, or in deck fish hold. 


  • 1" diameter handle made from multiple layers of high strength unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg with a 3K 2 x 2 twill fabric weave on the exterior.
  • Features a heavy duty prong, crafted from 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Made in the USA
  • Standard two year warranty.