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USED TACKLE SALES JAN 11th, FEB 1st, and APRIL 25th!

Black Bart

Black Bart Punisher


Black Bart Punisher Marlin/Tuna lure

Option of having lure custom rigged with either a standard single hook rig with a Mustad 7732 or a double hook stiff rig.

**Custom Purple/White lure comes with purple skirt over the top of the white skirt**

Specifications:Hard Head
Weight Skirted: 7 oz / 198.45 grams
Head Only Length: 1.5" / 38 mm
Head Diameter: 1.38" / 35 mm
Skirted Length: 13" / 342 mm
Leader: 400-500 lbs
Bart Replacement Skirt: S5