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Black's Original Kite Release 3 Clip Kit

$32.99 $36.99

Black's Marine Kite Release 3 Clip Kit. Three pre-drilled Clips, Swivels and Snap Swivel. Black's Marine Triple Kite Clip kit includes three clips with three different sized holes for each clip to catch on the right sized swivel. Comes in three different color for easy identification on the kite line.

Rigging Instructions: Instructions: To rig the kite line: 40' from kite end of the line, cut the line and tie in the smallest swivel. Then 40' from the smallest swivel cut and tie in the medium swivel. Repeat same step for the largest swivel. Now slide the largest diameter (white) release clip down the line form the kite side, which will slide over the smallest and medium swivels and rest on the large one. Then slide on the Medium (Grey) release clip which will stop on the medium swivel. Now slide on the smallest diameter (black) release clip which will stop on the smallest swivel. Now tie the snap swivel to the end of the line and attach to kite.