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J&B Custom Tackle

JB Custom Albacore Assassin Jig


J&B Custom Albacore Assassin

The combination of a Yo-Zuri Triple-Skirt with ruby-eyed hex-head is perhaps the most often used trolling setup for Albacore on the East coast. This setup gives anglers two of the highest quality components available today and creates a seamless connection between head and skirt that has proven itself time and time again. With a wide range of color options, Albacore fishermen often select a variety of colors so they have them at the ready when a hot bite starts on their long range boat.  Triple-skirts are cut very fine so they will pulsate through the water, a small detail that can trigger a bite when thicker-cut skirts are not producing.  We offer the Yo-Zuri Triple Skirts in a wide variety of colors. Please make your selection by choosing the corresponding letter “A” thru “M”.