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Nomad Design

Nomad Designs Chug Norris Popper 150mm Floating Lure


The offshore chugger that pops bigger than it looks. The Nomad® Design Chug Norris produces tremendous popping, chugging, spitting action on every retrieve, yet only minimal effort is required to work it like a pro. Its super-responsive design features a radically contoured shape that actually wiggles as it moves on and into the water, but the main star of this show is the Norris' unique cupped face. Built ultra-deep, rounded on the bottom but squared on top, it clings to the surface when it's ripped, without tipping the bait or blowing out, creating a ton of noise and leaving a massive bubble trail in its wake. Saltwater game fish can't seem to lay off, but the Chug Norris comes well-equipped for battle with its HD ABS plastic body, extra-thick outer shell, HD Foam interior, stainless steel matrix metal plate, Gorilla Through Wire System, and premium BKK® hooks (the 3-3/4'' size is hung with treble hooks, 4-3/4'' and larger sizes have inline single hooks).

  • Tremendous surface action on every retrieve
  • Requires only minimal effort to work properly
  • Contoured body shape provides wiggling action
  • Ultra-deep cupped face catches the surface when pulled
  • Creates noisy popping, chugging action
  • Leaves a huge bubble trail
  • Won't roll over, even in rough water
  • HD ABS plastic body with extra-thick outer shell
  • HD Foam interior
  • Stainless steel matrix metal plate
  • Gorilla Through Wire System
  • Premium BKK hooks

Designed in Australia