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S&S Bucktails

S&S Bucktails Rattletail Jigs


S&S Bucktails Rattletail Jigs

There's been an explosion of bucktail offerings available, each with their own unique spin on the lure. S&S Bucktails offers the Rattletail, with a built-in rattle to encourage that strike. Featuring high quality paint and unique color offerings tied on heavy duty forged hooks, these bucktails have what it takes to consistently produce big fish.

Company founder Stanley Gola Sr. believed the clicking of the rattle would call in the fish and help set S&S Bucktails apart from the other jigs.

In addition to being pretty, the paint jobs are tough, and won’t chip, crack, or peel, so don’t be afraid to bounce them through the rough bottom where the doormats hunt.
Rattletails range in size from ¾ to 6 ounces, the lighter sizes perfect for back-bay fluke assaults and the larger models meant for deep-water doormat hunts.

Pro tip: Stanley Jr. prefers to fish his Rattletails with strip baits and whole spearing. He adds a Berkley Gulp Teaser above the jig.