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Tady Lures Yo-Yo


The Model #4/0 is a heavy weighted Jig primarily used for Yo-Yo style fishing (drop 100-150 ft. and retrieve at high speed). It is designed to sink fast and have an erratic swim on the retrieve. The 4/0 heavy is also excellent for up and down jigging for bottom fish. The types of fish that the 4/0 heavy attracts best are: Yellowtail, Tuna, White Seabass, and Grouper.


Retrievable at fast speeds

Easy to use for bottom fish

Excellent for Yellowtail, Tuna, White Seabass, and Grouper.

Model: 4/0

Tady manufactures numerous types of lures of which there's always at least one which serves an angler's specific target fish.  There area number of luminous back lures for going deep, as well several of our offerings feature single siwash hooks for wahoo or larger grade tuna.  Tady earned their reputation as a "go to" lure on the local waters.

Tady's big 4/0 is a lure named after the size reel with which it's most commonly fished. It's a huge, beefy lure guaranteed to catch any hungry fish's eye.