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Fish Monkey

Fish Monkey FM14 Beast Master Heavy Weight Wiring Glove "Charles Perry Edition"


Designed with input from Capt. Charles Perry, one of the best deckhands in the sport-fishing world, the Beast Master gives excellent protection for the “wireman,” the deckhand tasked with grabbing a fistful of leader with a rampaging game fish on the other end. This glove is Kevlar-reinforced, with heavy interior padding to protect the hands from being crushed under intense pressure, while the extra-long cuffs protect the wrists from leader snags. If you’re chasing thousand-pound marlin or giant bluefin tuna, this is a vital part of your inventory!
  • Kevlar-reinforced material wraps your hand to protect from leader cuts and slicing.
  • Heavy rubber interior padding positioned on top and bottom of glove protects the hand from crushing when the leader comes tight.
  • Extra-long cuff protects your wrist from leader snags.
  • Heavy duty Velcro closure secures your glove like a second skin.
  • Vee wrist opening allows for easy on and off of your glove.
  • Exposed key fingers and thumb allow for greater dexterity and rod handling
  • Ergonomic design allows for greater hand movement for big fish management.
  • Designed by Charles Perry, expert offshore deckhand, captain and world-record holder.

Intended Use: Leadering big fish, managing mono, wire or cable. Ergonomic design and exposed key fingers/thumb allow for superior rod, line and component management.