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J&B Custom Diamond Tube-tail Jigs


J&B Custom Diamond Tube-tail Jigs

These shiny chunks of chrome-plated metal have been around for decades, yet still catch fish all kinds. Every imaginable Northeast inshore species has been caught on diamond jigs, including sea bass, fluke, striped bass, false albacore, bonito, bluefish, scup, cod, and even tautog. 

JB Custom Diamond jigs are so effective partly because they imitate a variety of baitfish, from squid to herring. Their flashing sides catch the light and draw the attention of predators, which are also attracted to the lure’s erratic wobbling action. While the latter work well in certain situations, such as when small sand eels are prevalent, a plain jig rigged with a single hook tube usually does the job nicely.

Larger jigs do a good job of imitating squid, bunker and herring, and are ideal for fishing in deep water (20 to 60 feet) and strong current. In some spots, like “The Race” off Long Island, diamond jigs are often needed to reach bottom in the swift current.

Rigged with a single Mustad hook.