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Fish Finder Tackle

Joe Shute Bluefin Series (3oz)


Fish Finder Tackle Inc. has some of the best quality saltwater skirts and terminal tackle that an offshore saltwater fisherman could ask for. With over 25 years of charter boat fishing experience and 22 years experience in both the retail and wholesale saltwater tackle industry, we have come up with what we believe are some of the best fish catching lures, rigs and accessories that will help you have a more successful day of fishing on the ocean. Whether you are looking for skirts to dress up your ballyhoo, or custom tied rigs, we have the tackle that can help you get the job done!

Joe Shutes have become a tuna fishing staple, and are a must have when trolling for yellowfin and bigeye in the northeast canyons.  Most effective when rigged with ballyhoo or RonZ tails.