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Nomad Design

Nomad Design Riptide 125mm Sinking 1.25oz lure


With its lively swimming action and unparalleled durability, the Nomad Design Riptide is no ordinary saltwater hard-bait. All Riptides feature a precisely molded HD-ABS plastic body with water-channeling side scoops and HD Foam interior, Gorilla Through Wire system, and the exclusive Nomad Design Matrix Metal Plate shell with hand-applied triple clear-coat finish. In short, these lures will withstand more toothy assaults than anyone can imagine. The Sinking Riptide is equipped with perfectly calibrated internal weights that engender long, accurate casts, and allow you to walk-the-dog under the surface with near-180° direction changes on each twitch. Each lure is fitted with precisely balanced, super-strong BKK hooks, and arrives tuned and ready to fish right out of the box.

  • Lively swim, unparalleled durability
  • HD-ABS plastic body with water-channeling side scoops
  • HD Foam interior
  • Gorilla Through Wire system
  • Exclusive Matrix Metal Plate shell
  • Hand-applied triple clear-coat finish
  • Super-strong BKK hooks
  • Floating: seductive body roll and subsurface S-wave action
  • Sinking: weighted for long casts and wild walk-the-dog action
  • Deadly on salmon, kings, tuna, and other toothy slashers
  • Designed in Australia