Surviving through “Stay Home, Stay Safe”  #COVID-19

Surviving through “Stay Home, Stay Safe” #COVID-19

Surviving through “Stay Home, Stay Safe”  #COVID-19

They say with every setback comes bigger and better things.   I am not usually an optimistic person, but I think for J&B this challenge will make us stronger.   It has been just over a week since I have been at the store.  I haven’t been away that long since I graduated college over 20 years ago.   My father “Capt. Kerry” and my brother have been holding down the fort at the store while I have been putting in long hours in my home office.  It hasn’t been without some interruptions from home schooling, online soccer practice and the occasional argument I need to intervene.   I can’t be more thankful to have an amazing wife that is also a teacher, which makes home school soooo much easier. 

The upside to all this craziness is what I have been able to accomplish on our J&B growth plan “to do list”.   Until now we have not really been focused on online retailing, we a are 40+ year retail storefront that prides itself on knowledge and service.   We rely on our loyal customers and their referrals.   This first BLOG is going to be my attempt to bring that same family business feel to our online presence.   I have also spent countless hours over the last week loading more products online that I feel have been core to our retail location.   Not the fluff, but the stuff fisherman from Maryland to New Hampshire need to fish Saltwater in their local waters.   As we continue to build throughout the month I welcome any suggestions for products or Blogs.  Please email with any of your suggestions or technical questions.  

Up next will be my attempt at some video Blogs.   I have been told I need to stand up straight and act natural, maybe even smile for the camera.   We will have to see how this goes….. stay tuned to our YouTube channel or Instagram TV for my latest topic and probably a few laughs.   I plan on starting with a buying series to cover all the questions we get at consumer shows.   Our version of Tackle buying 101……… Till next time, tight lines!

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