RI Squidding Still Red Hot

RI Squidding Still Red Hot

RI Squidding Still Red Hot

Squid fishing is still on fire just off the coast of Rhode Island, and they are nearly everywhere people try for them. Point Judith continues to be a hot spot. If you're looking for fresh bait or seafood, now is the time! A few of the guys from the shop went out last week and had a decent night with just over 100 squid coming over the rail in just a couple hours. 


Striper fishing in the Connecticut River continues to be excellent, with 20+ fish days being a reoccurring theme for some. With warmer temperatures this week, we expect some fish to move out into the deeper waters of the Long Island Sound very soon. Bass and blues have been thick in the mouth of the Thames as well. 


Fluking is off to its normal slow start, with some large fish being caught in Montauk and Rhode Island waters, and not much to show for in CT.  

Porgies in the Peconic Bays has been excellent, with tons of trips being offered by party boats like the Blackhawk.

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