Tuna Fishing Kicks Off!

Tuna Fishing Kicks Off!

Tuna Fishing Kicks Off!

This weekend was exciting as the first wave of smaller bluefin finally showed up south of Montauk and Block Island! Multiple boats were able to get out with the beautiful weather we have been having and lots of smaller Bluefin were caught. Pictured here is Vinny from "Three Deep" with two nice bluefin for the table!

The canyon has also been productive as we have seen our first shot at some nice warmer gulf stream water hit the edge. Reports of large yellowfin have the team here at the shop excited to finally make it down to the canyon. There were also some very nice swordfish and some early large Mahi caught, as well as the occasional Bigeye. The water temperatures between East Atlantis and West Atlantis look great for this week, and the weather seems like it is going to cooperate as well, so we expect much more information in the coming days. 

Fluke fishing continues to heat up, with more and more keepers being caught in Connecticut waters, it seems like its going to be a better year than the past few that we have seen locally. 

The stripers in the Connecticut River are starting to show how big and aggressive they can be, with many fish chasing bunker and topwater plugs. Last week showed a very good bite at Plum Gut with many fish caught over 30 pounds. 

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