Tuna, Tuna, and more Tuna!

Tuna, Tuna, and more Tuna!

Tuna, Tuna, and more Tuna!

If you haven't heard yet, or if you just live under a rock, the tuna fishing this past week has been absolutely lights out. Inshore bluefin fishing was consistently good if you could find the fish. Pictured above is Captain Brian Moskey with one of many fish he caught on multiple trips last week. Many boats were able to catch and release plenty of fish during this epic bite.

Fishing in the canyon has been stellar as well, with tons of yellowfin and bigeye being caught. Friends of JB on the "Rebel" out of Long Island were able to have their best day of canyon fishing ever catching 37 Bigeyes!! (Many were released) We're hoping this hot bite continues and doesn't get destroyed by the coming blow.

The large striped bass have made their way out of the estuaries, and are setting up in the summer homes in the Race, Plum Gut, Montauk, Block Island, and local reefs. Sunrise and Sunset are called the "Golden Hour" for a reason since the big fish are eating primarily at these times. 

Fluke fishing has been tough, but some anglers are finding luck in some unconventional spots. Don't be afraid to try new spots to search for quality flatties as there are nice fish being caught in some local spots. You just have to put in the work to find them!

Sea Bass seems to be slowing down in the Clinton area as the fish are slowly starting to move east. Fishing should be excellent locally very soon.

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